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Yes, it’s all about me…

Seriously, I have had an extraordinarily varied and blissfully successful career.

I think it’s due to an extremely low boredom threshold as well as an ability to pivot.   My friends used to write my phone number in pencil (back when we had little address books) because it changed so often.

I have owned a beautiful mountain resort (unbelievable experience but something I wouldn’t recommend), run a retail shop (also a tough gig), owned and operated a direct mail company (great gig), chose the presentation gift for Price Charles and Lady Diana during Expo 86 in Vancouver, Canada (who wasn’t enchanted by Lady Di), and consulted for 18 years in marketing some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the country, as well as innovative residential developments in the US. and Canada.

I’ve authored the first book on the shared ownership industry (Vacation Nation).  I speak at conferences about networking and I have just launched a new networking site for independents, freelancers and small businesses called indieawesomeness.com (you should check it out).  I am an accomplished sculptor with my work in private collections in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia (elainejoli.com if you’re curious).  But enough about me. Ha!

Independents are my heroes.  There is no one else on the planet that has the chutzpah to try to make a living doing what they love and what they are passionate about.  No auto  paychecks.  No 401 matching funds.  No auto healthcare.  Nada.  Just this crazy dream that if they get up everyday and to do what they love, somehow, someway they will succeed.

Yup.  Real heroes.

I was thinking about blogging about marketing (a pivot that lasted so long, I’m screwed) because I’m really, really good at it, but in all honesty, there are some really great small business and marketing bloggers out there.

So my other passion (obsession maybe) is learning.  I need to know EVERYTHING.  Impossible of course, but here’s the thing.  I read.  A lot.  I read a lot of business books (4 a week).  So it was a natural pivot (there’s that word again), to let me do the reading, and tell you what is really in the book.  I will review books that are best sellers, oldies but goodies and everything in between.  They will be honest (publishers and authors, don’t send me those absolutely, delicious chocolates from Godiva – see address below), independent reviews so that the best ideas can be used in the least amount of time.

One more thing (I know – it’s already too long).  I want people to respond to my reviews – with something thoughtful, not stinky, like – “great review” or “I love this review.”  Use your words and your minds people.  I know how this blogging thing works – post a comment/linkback/ garbage.  I want engagement and damn it, I’m going to demand it.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you one day.  Perhaps today?  Drop me a line at ejoli@xmission.com and if you’re like me and need some instant kind of stuff, like a positioning statement, the complete marketing dictionary, headline hacks or how to get a hold of Jimmy Wales, the Wiki founder, zip over to indieawesomeness.com – I think you’ll love it!


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