Poke The Box by Seth Godin

Rate: ****1/2

Read: Cover to cover

Category: Big Idea, Inspirational

What initially came to mind to describe Seth Godin’s writing was the commercial where Tiger Woods puts on that amazing show of skill when he keeps the golf ball in the air by just using his iron.  You know, ping, ping, under his leg, ping, ping, ping and then he winds up and  smacks that little ball 300 yards?  He kinda has this smile on his face like – “really, when you’re me it’s just this easy.” But I’ve changed my mind.  Seth Godin is like a great hacky-sack player.  He is active, juggling and balancing, moving, diving – his ideas thrown into the air, bouncing, deflecting.  Unlike Tiger, he makes you want to participate.  Seth Godin wants you to join in his idea game and he knows if you just step up, you can be good too.  He is quite a prolific author, with 12 books to his credit (and I’m safe in saying ‘and counting…’) and in each one of them, he rants, rages, encourages, and presses upon you his one big idea.  In this book, he wants you to start something.  Anything.  He wants you to get unstuck.  Poke the box.  Not wait to be chosen to do something, rather take control of that big brain of yours, put some initiative in your pants and get going. His mind is a high speed, agile, concept, idea factory on Red Bull.  But there is no question he is authentic in his desire to see human beings reach their full and mighty potential, and he is determined to give us every ounce of his knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and encouragement to get us there.  His hacky-sack game is for everyone who wants to make a difference, not only in their own lives, but maybe, just maybe make a difference in the world.

My Takeaway

Read this book if you’re in the headspace to get inspired.  There is no point in reading it, if it is just on your list.  You have to be ready to take this trip with him, to imagine taking yourself out of the “expected” into the unexpected; to the sometimes frightening place of being innovative and becoming the starter of something.  He does not give you a formula, or a how to list, or even “Five ways to…”.  But this book is a little pep talk to perhaps move you off your ass to accomplish something great.  Who knows?  Maybe it will be you who changes the world?  Seth bounces this ball off his knee high into the air so you have a chance to get under it.


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